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Cell lines are invaluable tools for biomedical research. Cancer cell lines are the foundation of cancer biology and the quest for drug treatments. Adenocarcinoma is a cancer of the epithelium (including colon) and originates in glandular tissue, such as skin surface layer and glands.

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These human adenocarcinoma cell lines have been previously licensed to commercial parties for research into human adenocarcinoma treatments.

These cell lines are available through Public Health England ECACC. Please make your purchase through the links below.

Imperial Innovations requests that commercial/for profit parties contact them first to discuss the terms of supply prior to Innovations authorising the release of supplies from ECACC.

HRA-19a1.1 alpha2 cells are HRA-19a1.1 cells transfected with a plasmid contruct expressing wild-type alpha2 integin. In experiments, this cell line showed a significantly increased endrocrine and mucous cell lineage commitment relative to the parent cell line.

Data from: S C Kirkland and H Ying (2008) α2β1 Integrin regulates lineage commitment in multipotent human colorectal cancer cells, J Biol Chem, 283(41): 27612-27619



The following cell lines are available:

The parent cell line, HRA-19a1.1 and cell line expressing alpha2 and alpha1 domains seen above are also available:

Other similar cell lines are also available:

Target market

Industrial or academic R&D groups working in adenocarcinoma drug development.


Internal case number: 5129

Human rectal adenocarcinoma HRA-19a1.1 alpha2

Cancer cell line expressing wild-type alpha2 integrin. Displays increased endocrine and mucous cell lineage commitment

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