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A mouse model expressing human zinc transporter 8 (ZnT8), a protein of interest in diabetes research - developed by Professor Guy Rutter at Imperial College London.

The relevant sequence in the transgenic incorporates a bidirectional tetracyclin-regulated promoter, which drives expression of both human ZnT8-Myc and firefly luciferase. This allows ZnT8 expression to be controlled by tetracycline and the sites at which it occurs to be easily idenitified.

Zinc transporter 8 (ZnT8), encoded by SLC30A8, is chiefly expressed within pancreatic islet cells,
where it mediates zinc (Zn2) uptake into secretory granules. Although a common nonsynonymous
polymorphism (R325W), which lowers activity, is associated with increased type 2 diabetes
(T2D) risk, rare inactivating mutations in SLC30A8 have been reported to protect against T2D.


Internal case number: 7935

Human ZnT8/luc mouse (tetracyclin-inducible)

Mouse expresses human zinc transporter 8

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