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Modified pMIDG100 vector carrying a kanamycin resistance cassette (aphA3) for selection purposes and the A. pleuropneumoniae sodC promoter for heterologous expression. Can be conjugated into a range of bacterial strains difficult to transform by electroporation. pMK-Express is a low copy number plasmid.

Figure: Maps of the expression vectors pMK-Express and pMC-Express. Genes aphA3 (kanamycin resistance), cat (chloramphenicol resistance), gfpmut3 (GFP), and mob (mobilization protein) are indicated by solid arrows. The A. pleuropneumoniae sodC promoter (sodCP) is indicated by the arrowhead upstream of gfpmut3. Relevant restriction sites are labeled as follows: A, ApaI; Ba, BamHI; Bs, BstXI; EI, EcoRI; EV, EcoRV; K, KpnI; Nh, NheI; No, NotI; P, PstI; S, SacI; Xb, XbaI; Xh, XhoI. All labeled restriction sites are unique except for XbaI, which cuts twice in both pMK-Express and pMC-Express.


To obtain pMK-Express, please contact the Quicktech team directly (quicktech@imperialinnovations.co.uk).


For a chloramphenicol resistant version, please see, pMC-Express

For a tandem reporter plasmid for screening, please see pMC-Tandem



1. New Plasmid Tools for Genetic Analysis of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae and Other Pasteurellaceae
Janine T. BosséAndrew L. DurhamAndrew N. RycroftJ. Simon KrollPaul R. Langford

Internal case number: 8156


A shuttle vector for use in complementation experiments or to express heterologous genes in Pasteurellaceae.

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