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Social functioning is an important aspect of psychological wellbeing, and is increasingly recognised as an important element of mental health assessment. The handicap created by poor social functioning is regarded as at least as important as that created by symptoms, however, social functioning is recorded much less often than mental state ratings in research studies, and this may be because there are no published measures that are brief.


The Social Functioning Questionnaire (SFQ) in Brief:

  • 8-question survey - fast to administer

  • Covers key aspects of social interaction, as determined by multiple interviews

  • Validated in at least one large trial (n>4000)


The Social Functioning Questionnaire (SFQ) is a leading research tool for assessing perceived social function. It was developed from the Social Functioning Schedule (SFS), a semi-structured interview which has been used primarily with non-psychotic patients and has good test-retest and inter-rater reliability as well as construct validity. The SFQ was developed as an alternative that is quicker to administer - following the need for a quick assessment of perceived social function.

The original SFS took the form of a semi-structured interview, covering 14 domains of functioning. This was later refined in the SFQ to 8 questions covering the 'essential' aspects of social interaction: work and home tasks, financial concerns, relationships with family, sexual activities, social contacts, and spare time activities.

While other commonly used self-rating tools, such as  the Short-form 36 health survey questionnaire (SF-36) (Ware & Sherbourne, 1992) and the Social Adjustment Scale Self-Report (SAS-SR) (Weissman & Bothwell, 1976) take up to around 20 minutes to complete, the Social Functioning Questionnaire takes only around 4 minutes.

The social functioning questionnaire has been validated in several studies, including the EMPIRIC study, which involved over 4000 subjects.


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Social Functioning Questionnaire

8-question tool for quick assessment of social functioning. Validated in study of over 4000 subjects

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