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Venous diseases affects 25% of the population in the UK, where the prevalence of venous ulceration is around 0,15%. A problem as prevalent as this has led to the development of many forms of treatments, many of which are unproven. 

Clinicians need valid and reliable measures of patient outcome, healing rates and most appropiate form of treatment for their patients.

 During the development of the questionnaiure, a cohort of 98 consecutive patients with active venous ulceration completed a self-administered questionnaire booklet containing the SF-36 and the venous ulcer questionnaire. The questions were created by using the reconized method of patient interview, literature review and expert opinion. This set of questions subjected to rigourous analysis and development can produce a health outcome questionnaire with good levels of reliability and validity. This instrument has been shown to be very reliable passing two test of reliability with good results. 

Quality of life assessment can now form a valuable part of the routine assessment of patients, particularly when new treatments are introduced. 

You can access to the questionnaire here:


Charing Cross Venous Ulcer Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to allow to get a better understanding of how an ulcer affects patients' life

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