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The Manicaland Centre is a major collaborative scientific HIV/STD Prevention research initiative that has been underway in rural areas of eastern Zimbabwe since the early 1990s. The Manicaland Project has one of the largest prospective population-based surveys in Africa, producing numerous data, reports and academic papers tracking the spread, impact and control of HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe. 

The principal collaborating institutions in the project are the Biomedical Research and Training Institute in Harare and Imperial College London.


The project has produced a large quantity of data, which may be of interest to other researchers in this field. The data has contributed to dozens of research papers, including articles in Science, The Lancet and PNAS (the project has generated close to 200 academic publications and reports).


More information on the Manicaland Centre and Project can be found here: 



The dataset can be found here:




Questionnaires used to gather the data are also available




Selected references:

Gregson S, Nyamukapa C, Garnett GP, Mason PR, Zhuwau T, Careal M, et al. Sexual mixing patterns and sex-differentials in teenage exposure to HIV infection in rural Zimbabwe. The Lancet 2002,359:1896-1903. [LINK]

Gregson S, Garnett GP, Nyamukapa CA, Hallett TB, Lewis JJC, Mason PR, et al. HIV decline associated with behaviour change in eastern Zimbabwe. Science 2006,311:664-666. [LINK]


Internal case number: 8156


Manicaland (Zimbabwe) HIV dataset from public health studies

Wide range of anonymised data collected over 2 decades

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