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Well-plates for optical microscopy (Custom)

  • Transparent, acrylic well-plates made to order

  • Can be made with adhesive layer to stick easily to microscope plate or other surface

  • Standard thickness is 5mm, but other thicknesses/dimensions/number of wells may be custom-ordered
  • May be coated in polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) or other coating on request


These well-plates were originally designed for a series of studies on droplet interface bilayers (see references tab). The wells were used to contain isolated oil/lipid-oil reservoirs for the generation of model membranes assembled between aqueous microdroplets (droplet interface bilayers).


However, they may be used for other studies in which optical microscopy is deployed and wells are required to contain fluids or gels.




Also available:

3 large well plate (non-coated)


18 small well plate (non-coated)



Internal reference number 8374

Acrylic well attachments (Custom)

Can be designed to fit standard glass microscope slides (75 x 26 mm) or other

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