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The Hammers Brainatlas is a three-dimensional maximum probability map, manually constructed using MRI scans from 30 healthy volunteers in the young adult age range. The map defines 83 regions of interest in standard sterotaxic space (Fig 1).

The map can be used to automatically label new scans and to detect anatomical abnormalities in patients. It can also be used for group studies, enabling automated coregistration with functional imaging data.

  • Probabilistic atlases are more representative of population anatomy than single brain atlases
  • No operator intervention is required, so results are reporducible and comparable for the purposes of group studies
  • Automated analysis is considerably faster than manual analysis
  • Functional scans are not warped to fit a template and therefore original data is retained
  • Analysis can be applied to scans acquired in either along the anterior-posterior commissure line horizontally or the midsagittal plane sagittally.

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Brain Atlas

Probabilistic brain atlas for automatically labelling new scans and detecting anatomical abnormalities in patients

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