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Human cognition is supported by a consistent pattern of Dorsal-Lateral Fronto-Parietal brain regions that are co-active across distinct cognitive task. Information within MDC is sufficient to predict tasks that individuals are performing with reasonable accuracy.

This method is a complex framework that allows for a finer grained investigation of various properties of the brains funtional and structural architectures and their associated cognitive phenomena. 

It has been developed acquiring functional MRI and DiffusionWeighted imaging (DWI) in 43 healthy adults as they performed 12 tasks, designed specifically to tap different aspects of cognition. 

This developed framework simplifies the process of MRI interrogation based on three different toolboxes:

- Distributed pipeline to simplify interaction within HPC via Matlab scripts.

- Volumetric dimension reduction toolbox that enables simple and parcelation of intensity maps.

- Plotting toolbox to enable all the plots via matlab through publish-ready function.

Application of this framework to clinical populations may help to better understand the neuropathology behind closelyassociated cognitive phenomena.

You can download the tools here:




Framework for MRI interrogation

Framework that simplifies the process of MRI interrogation

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