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DICE Velocity offers to software development teams:

- An Eclipse-based IDE, customized to design and implement Java-based streaming applications. A continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, which automates deployment of the stream processing application from the application deployment representation as a TOSCA blueprint. A verification tool, to analyse the correctness and temporal guarantees provided by a stream-based processing systems, such as the possibility of buffer overruns in critical data pipelines. Analysis at design time of performance anti-patterns, using an architectural specification based on a graphical notation (DICE UML). A tool for load-testing of initial application prototypes


DICE Velocity is the result of a joint collaboration by five leading research organizations in Europe: Imperial College London, Politecnico di Milano, XLAB, Prodevelop, and University of Zaragoza. It is a spin-out product of the Horizon 2020 research project DICE, a 3-years research effort on DevOps for Big Data that delivered the equivalent of over 500 person months in research and development effort on this solution.

Interested to learn more? Discover the benefits of DICE technology and check out our DevOps WikiBook.

Getting DICE Velocity

DICE Velocity is offered with the following product licenses:

-  Lite product license: you obtain the Velocity product and its training documentation.

-  Full product license: you obtain the Velocity product, its training documentation, and a year-long (renewable) subscription for technical support, including help with installing the product and bug resolution.


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Integrated DevOps framework for designing and prototyping data-intensive applications for event processing

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