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SPUTNIK is an R package consisting of a series of tools to filter mass spectrometry imaging peaks characterized by a noisy or unlikely spatial distribution. SPUTNIK can produce mass spectrometry imaging datasets characterized by a smaller but more informative set of peaks, reduce the complexity of subsequent multi-variate analysis and increase the interpretability of the statistical results.

A comparison between the original and the filtered MALDI-MSI dataset (Rompp et al., 2010): (A) total ion count (TIC) images, (B) RGB images of the three first principal components scores scaled in [0, 1] and (C) results of k-means clustering with four clusters applied to the PCA scores responsible for 95% of the total variance. The heatmaps (D) show the intensities of five filtered (top row) and five selected peaks (bottom row) with the five largest average intensities. The images of the filtered peaks show that they are mainly localized outside of the tissue region. All the results confirm that the filters reduce the effect of signal noise and allow a clear identification of tissue sub-structures.

SPUTNIK can be downloaded via the following link (GitHub):


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an R package for peak selection of Mass spectrometry imaging data

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