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The human body is made up of cells which communicate with each other in a number of ways-via direct touch or released chemicals. Recently, the role of extracellular vesicles (EVs) has been explored in cell-to-cell communication. EVs are nano-sized pieces of cell membrane or cell ‘skin’ that get pinched off the cell surface in the form of ‘bubbles’ that can then float in body fluids like blood or saliva to establish communication with other cells. Our video shows EVs derived from lung washes of a healthy volunteer, captured using a technique that we will apply to patients at different stages of tuberculosis infection, to interpret the messages being carried by EVs between the immune cells that counter the TB bacterium in the lung. This information can then be exploited for the development of better control and management measures for TB, which currently kills millions of people worldwide.


A watermarked 5-second gif is available to sample. Please email info@imperialinnovations.co.uk citing case number 8338.


Commercialised on behalf of contributing scientists. Internal ref number 8338


Extracellular vesicles

Derived from lung washes of a healthy volunteer

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